Friends University and Knowmadics, Inc., Announce New Partnership Program 

WICHITA, KANSAS, March 9, 2022—Friends University and Knowmadics, Inc., are pleased to announce a new collaboration and partnership in the cyber security sector. Friends University is a small Christian University with a nationally ranked cyber security degree program. Knowmadics, Inc., is a SOC 2 Type 2 technology company with a cyber security focus specializing in software, integrated solutions, and training, with an emphasis on workforce development. 

“Aligning these two entities creates a powerhouse partnership which benefits our students, Knowmadics, Inc., the Wichita community, and the entire Kansas region,” said Dr. Amy Bragg Carey, president of Friends University. “We are excited that industry cyber leaders will provide additional opportunities for our students’ educational journey through student enrichment with lab exercises in our state-of-the-art lab and internships for the best advantage to be workforce-ready upon graduation.” 

“We are pleased to take this important step forward with Friends. This partnership will enable us to grow and assist in retaining cyber talent across the state of Kansas. By leveraging the strengths of both organizations, we see exciting things on the horizon,” said Claire Ostrum, president of Knowmadics Inc. 

The partnership is the first of its kind. Friends University will serve as the template for the Herndon, VA, based company as they progress with other universities on similar initiatives. Knowmadics, Inc., has offices in Herndon, VA, Southern Pines, N.C., and with the assistance of the Greater Wichita Partnership, plans are in the works for a third location in downtown Wichita.  

Collaborating with university students and military personnel creates a workforce indicative of accelerating cyber professionals through workflow solutions. By programming and underwriting curriculum to provide credit for existing Department of Defense experience, the gap can be closed with relevant expertise to address the rapidly changing speed of technology and the need for cyber-safe individuals.   

Cyber security professionals are trained to protect people, systems, applications, and technologies. With cyber attacks on the rise, the cyber security industry needs qualified individuals to stay one step ahead of the bad actors. According to recent data from, there were approximately 500,000 open jobs related to cyber security between April 2020 and March 2021.  

This partnership between Friends University and Knowmadics, Inc., aligns with Senator Moran’s initiatives to advocate for entrepreneurship, job creation, and retention of qualified candidates in the state of Kansas.  

“This new partnership between Friends University and Knowmadics, Inc. will continue to solidify Kansas’s role as a national leader in cyber security operations and workforce development,” said Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan). “Both Friends University and Knowmadics, Inc. are established leaders in the cyber domain, and I am eager to work with them to grow our pool of qualified cyber operators across Kansas.” 

About Friends University 

Friends University, a Christian University of Quaker heritage, equips students to honor God and serve others by integrating their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives.  

About Knowmadics, Inc. 

Knowmadics, Inc., provides turnkey software and scenario-based training solutions, enabling organizations to bridge the gap between ERP and IoT across the enterprise.  


For additional information on the Friends University cyber security degree program, visit here. Additional information on Knowmadics, Inc., can be found here.