Student Account Services

Friends University Student Account Services helps students by working out payment arrangements. The department assesses all charges, credits and refunds and sends out all monthly statements. By enforcing consistent collection of educational costs from all students, the financial viability of Friends University is preserved.

You should visit with a Student Account Services representative if you have any of the following circumstances:

  • You would like information regarding educational costs at Friends University
  • You have questions about your student account
  • You need to set up payment arrangements for your educational expenses
  • You need assistance with employer or agency financial sponsorship
  • You have questions regarding your charges for Friends University housing
  • You are having difficulty making agreed payments
  • You are thinking of adding or dropping classes after the 100 percent refund period
  • You have questions regarding the repayment of your Perkins Loan

Payment Options

Tuition by term is due in full prior to the scheduled start of class if not completely paid by financial aid. Friends University offers individually arranged extended payment arrangements for those who are unable to pay the total charges before the start of class. Students who wish to pay for their tuition and fees with an individualized payment arrangement should contact Student Account Services to discuss payment options and complete required paperwork. All deferred payment arrangements must be approved by the Student Account Services office before they are effective.

Deferment Plan for Employer Reimbursement or Third Party Sponsorship: Charges for tuition and fees may be included in a Tuition Payment Plan. All documented financial aid will be subtracted from the total allowable charges, and the remaining balance due is the amount that will be divided into monthly payments. Payment plans are interest free, but a set-up fee applies.

Payment FAQs

Does Friends University accept credit cards?
Yes – VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and American Express are accepted.

What will my refund be if I have to withdraw?
The refund dates and refund percentages will be listed for your enrollment period on your Student Payment Agreement. (Remember to keep a copy for your records.) Please consult the Friends University catalog for refund policies by college under Financial Information or contact Student Account Services at 316-295-5630.

Will Student Account Services bill my employer or sponsor directly?
Yes, we offer direct billing service. However, we must receive written confirmation of their intent to pay and wish to be billed directly prior to doing so.

To Make a Payment, Ask Questions or Request Assistance:


Student Account Services – 316-295-5630
Cashier – 316-295-5865


Friends University
Attn: Student Account Services
2100 W. University Ave.
Wichita, Kansas 67213