Friends University Testimonial

Bronna (Nikki) Davis, MBA Graduate, 2017

During my program I began working for a new organization. The layered leadership concepts I was learning, in combination with my background, prepared me for the role. While in this new role, I received more clinics to manage and a pay increase as well.
My undergraduate degree was unrelated to my current career path. I wanted to be able to have something a step further that was more diverse and broad like an MBA. I made a big leap of faith several years ago and made a total career change- I got lucky and I never wanted to rely on luck again.
I graduated from Friends University with my undergraduate and loved my experience with the university. I did not think twice about returning to Friends for my MBA. I am very happy with my decision.
Financial Aid was particularly pleasant and helpful during my enrollment process. Toni is a true asset to the university and made my experience stress less when it came to completing the needed paperwork each semester. Michelle Case was always helpful and available to navigate me through my program successfully. I have met some amazing instructors during both programs at Friends, but Dr. Lybarger had an amazing impact on my MBA experience. He is amazing and I am so thankful to have sat in his class.
The MBA program is incredibly manageable. I have a family, a demanding job, a home to take care of, friends to keep up with etc. and my program didn’t place strain on any of those; it wasn’t easy, but definitely manageable.
My degree had an emphasis in law/ I work in healthcare which is heavily regulated. I feel I am able to navigate those regulations and structure the clinics in an educated manner.
Leadership is an evolving skill; my MBA added so much to my tool bag.
The evening classes were very manageable.
I feel accomplished and more importantly I feel like my contributions higher scope and impact, which is very motivating. One of the best investments I have ever made. I am a first generation college graduate and I am proud of the stability and success I am able to share with my family. I have a young daughter and I always tell her “you can be anything you’re willing to work hard for.” I live that example for her.
It’s a great educational experience. You do not get lost in a large student body, which allows more focus to you.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my gratitude and give thanks to some of those individuals who made my experience great.

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