Health Management, Bachelor of Science

Students in the health management program consider their own health, and the health of their communities, to be of the utmost importance, and continually seek opportunities to improve.
A health management degree at Friends University is an interdisciplinary, four-year degree for students interested in a combination of health, physical education and business management. Students who graduate with this degree typically work in community recreational departments, organizations such as the YMCA and YWCA, the physical fitness industry, and other wellness organizations.

Program Outcomes

  • Possess knowledge of the physiological, anatomical and mechanical systems of the human body.
  • Possess knowledge of how body systems adapt to physical activity and how these adaptations contribute to motor performance, fitness and wellness.
  • Possess knowledge of the various disciplines involved in the study of kinesiology and how these disciplines can be utilized to improve or increase athletic performance or exerciser performance.

Potential Areas of Employment

  • Public health organizations
  • Fitness facility management
  • Personal training
  • Health facility management

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