Friends University Admissions

Your journey begins with us! At Friends University, we seek students who are eager to learn and plan to make a difference either in their lives or the lives of others. With a Quaker heritage, we have a high respect for others and believe in every person’s potential. If you are interested in increasing your potential, you will want to visit Friends University admissions.

College is an investment in your future for you and your family. Whether you are beginning your college career right from high school, you are wanting to complete your bachelor's degree or you are looking continuing education through Graduate School, investing in a college education at Friends University is a smart choice.

In these economic conditions, you want to make certain you are getting the most for your investment dollar. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with how Friends University can fit your budget and, more importantly, what you will receive in return. We’re here to help walk you through every step of the process.

Take your first step today. Contact Admissions now to start the conversation.

Traditional Undergraduate Admissions

Traditional 4-year students, transfers, freshmen; daytime classes

Adult Bachelor's Degree Admissions

Continuing education for busy adults beginning or going back to college

Master's Degree Programs Admissions

For busy adults who already have a bachelor's