Requirements – Adult Undergraduate

All courses and majors in the College of Adult and Professional Studies are designed to meet the specific needs of working adults.

General Admission Requirements

  • Complete and sign the application for admission.
  • Submit the application and $35 application fee to the Office of Admissions.
  • Request official transcripts be sent from your high school and/or previous college(s) registrar’s office directly to Friends University Admissions Processing Department.

Requirements for Students with Fewer than 24 Attempted Semester Hours

  • Provide high school diploma from an accredited high school with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, or a GED with a composite score of 50 (if earned prior to 1/1/02) or an average score of 450 (if earned after 1/1/02).
  • And/or provide college transcripts from a regionally accredited college with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Requirements for Students with More than 24 Attempted Semester Hours

If you’re transferring credits from another institution, you can be admitted and transfer up to 78 credit hours!

  • Have a “C” average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) for all transfer work attempted
  • Be in good standing at the last college or university attended.
  • Provide college transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges where you previously attended prior to admission.

Also, find out about our partnerships with area community colleges that allow students who earn associates degrees to Finish with Friends, but at their local community college!

Get more information about special programs and services for transfer students.

Requirements for International Applicants

As an international student, there are a few more requirements for admission, but we’ll walk you through them step by step. Get all the information you need to be admitted to Friends University as an international student.

Note: Credits are transferred with the grade earned in the course at the institution where the course was taken. All grades are calculated for a transfer GPA, including courses that might have been deleted from consideration by an “academic fresh start” at the transferring institution. Students should be aware that credits may be transferred but not counted toward major or graduation requirements. “D” grades in major courses and certain other courses are not accepted toward graduation. No remedial course work will be accepted as either earned hours or hours toward graduation. Friends University will not transcript credit for any course work that did not receive credit at the transferring institution.