Business Administration, Bachelor of Science

Business Administration

Friends University’s business of science in Business Administration degree prepares you for a successful career in a variety of different business activities using a unique blend of cross-disciplinary business courses. The business administration program includes accounting, finance, management, marketing and information systems. This degree program also offers concentrations in:

  • General Business – This concentration advances levels of understanding through courses in organizational theory, strategic management, international business and project management. The professional core and advanced courses develop a strong business foundation for the diverse environment of the business world.
  • Health Care Management – Emphasis is placed on the management side of the industry with courses in medical terminology, health services, regulatory and legal issues, and health systems. The concentration provides a broad educational background for those working or wanting to work in the health care field.
  • Operations Management – This area is concerned with the designing, planning, controlling and coordinating of business processes, functions, and systems. Through advanced study in systems planning, lean manufacturing, logistics and statistical process control, the concentration prepares students for career opportunities in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation and distribution among others.
  • Leadership – Every workplace environment operates with teams, some formal and some informal. This concentration focuses on leading and participating in high performing teams. Areas of study focus on communications, understanding individual motivators, collaboration, establishing trust, leading and mentoring teams, team participation and recognizing dysfunctional teams and how to correct them.
  • Human Resource Management – If you want to better manage the complexity of today’s ever-changing workforce the concentration in human resource management is for you. Learn to analyze HR situations in the workplace through a generalist approach providing a well-rounded understanding of the strategic impact of human resource management. You will learn methods to understand personnel, recruit and hire employees, enhance staff productivity, supervise compensation, and uphold an organization’s legal and ethical standards.

Byron McSwain, Business Management

I’m not surprised that Friends University is called one of the best colleges in the nation for adult learners. It’s a great university surrounded with good people who really want you to get to your final goals. Whatever you want to achieve in life, they’ll help you get there.

Byron McSwain, Business Management

Friends University Testimonial

The instructors were very knowledgeable in what they were teaching. They would even go out of their way to take the time to make it feel like the class was customized just for me. Before attending Friends University, I was at an entry level position with my employer, and once I finished my degree was able to transition to a more senior level position/pay.

Richard Gaertner, Business Management

The business administration program places emphasis on developing efficient and effective means of knowledge management as well as problem solving and critical-thinking skills across a range of business functions, roles, and industries. Some of the companies where our current graduates are working include: the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Fidelity Bank, Kansas Dental Association, Koch Industries, Labette Health, Spirit Aerosystems and Textron Aviation.

Freinds University’s Business Administration online bachelor’s program was ranked as part of the U.S. News 2019 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

Students advance through the program and selected concentration with other adults in a highly supportive learning environment. You will also have access to Friends’ extensive resources, including library and academic support services.

Program Highlights

  • Enjoy interactive and collaborative classroom environments with passionate, accessible faculty with business world expertise.
  • Choose a concentration in general business, health care management, operations management or leadership.
  • Apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom to the real world through a practicum or internship.
  • Network and get connected through Friends University’s annual career fair.

The adult undergraduate business administration degree is offered in Wichita and online. Please contact an Admissions Counselor at 316-295-5300 or for more details.

Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program

As a business administration major, you now have the option of applying for Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program. This program enables you to earn your bachelor’s degree and your MBA in as little as five years! Start by taking 12 credit hours toward your MBA degree during your senior year while completing your bachelor’s degree. These 12 hours will also be included as elective courses towards your bachelor’s degree. It’s sort of like taking one course and counting it twice! Then apply for our MBA program through a graduate school application. Upon acceptance, you would be able to complete the remaining 19 credit hours of the MBA degree in year five.

If you’re interested in learning more about Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program, please contact Sean Cash, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at

Finish with Friends

The Finish with Friends program allows students who have completed their associate degree at Cowley to earn a Friends University bachelor’s in business administration through classes offered at Cowley College. For more information, please contact Sean Cash at

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of managerial concepts and quantitative controls in the business environment by satisfactorily completing specific course work.
  • Locate information sources applicable to meet the requirements within the major as well as select appropriate technologies to analyze and interpret data.
  • Use written and oral communication guidelines based upon APA style and accepted business practices to clearly express ideas, concepts, and demonstrate the ability to apply in the appropriate business setting.
  • Identify business opportunities/problems, develop alternative solutions, formulate plans to implement and evaluate solutions.

Course Requirements

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