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Our Bachelor of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership prepares students for leadership roles in many occupational fields. All while fitting into your schedule with our fully online classes!

Earn your Strategic Leadership degree.

Program Highlights

Creating Transformative Leaders

The BBA in Strategic Leadership degree program meets the needs of adult students seeking careers with a focus on leadership, soft skills and management. The degree will provide high-level education in areas including leadership, change management, diversity, organizational behavior, and human resources.

Preparing Leaders for the Future

Strategic Leadership graduates will be prepared to lead effective teams that can create meaningful organizational improvements through effective communication and highly developed emotional intelligence.

Three Concentrations To Choose From

Choose from General Business, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management

Passionate Faculty

Accessible educators with real-world experience and expertise

Fully Online

Work around your life schedule by getting your Strategic Leadership degree in a fully online setting.

Interactive Classrooms

Collaborative instruction in interactive classroom environments

Career Services

Helpful career guidance

Earn your Strategic Leadership degree.


Focus Areas

Choose from three concentrations within the Strategic Leadership program. 

  • General BusinessDevelop a wide variety of useful business skills in the General Business concentration.
  • Human Resource ManagementSpecialize in managing HR with the Human Resource Management concentration .
  • Supply Chain ManagementDevelop your skills in managing the supply chain with the Supply Chain Management concentration.

Exclusive Programs

Two unique courses within the Strategic Leadership degree.

Two new unique courses in Leadership into Practice and Investment in You were created for the Strategic Leadership degree tailored to help you succeed.

Leadership into Practice

This course will explore employee development and learning theory, mentoring as well as coaching models and approaches such as touch points, and current research on stages of employee growth. Students will practice skills associated with effective mentoring and coaching including establishing trust in collaborative mentor relationships; assessing and addressing the needs of the protégé; assessing coaching skills through observation; conferencing and supporting professional goal planning; assessing early training that contributes to the development of new employees, current employees and long-term employees.

Investment in You Course

In this course students will have the opportunity to meet with business professionals in the Wichita area and take the opportunity to be mentored and coached by local business professionals.  This course will work with Career Services and create a successful partnership with various businesses and professionals.

What Can I Do With a Bachelors Degree in Strategic Leadership?

With 5% projected job growth, competitive salaries and lots of career options, a bachelors degree in Strategic Leadership from Friends University gives you many different professions to choose from. Learn more about what you can do with a bachelors degree in Strategic Leadership from Friends University!

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