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The Bachelors of General Studies (BGS) degree is developed for you to design and accomplish! It is available for adult learners who desire to understand a wide-range of interesting subjects that fit into an existing career or propel the BGS graduate into the next career.

$1050 Scholarship for spring 2022 enrollment

For all new spring 2022 adult undergraduate students, we are offering a $1,050 scholarship that will be applied evenly over the spring and fall 2022 semesters. To recieve the scholarship you must be a new student enrolled at least half time. Contact for more information.

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Program Highlights

Complete your degree today

This degree is particularly appropriate if you started a program and then switched to another program and still want to complete a degree.

Well Rounded Skill Set

This degree is particularly appropriate if you started a program and then switched to another program and still want to complete a degree. In pursuing this program, you will demonstrate your commitment to obtain a well-rounded set of professional skills, knowledge and expertise.

Transfer Flexibility

The Bachelor of General Studies program is very flexible in its design for transferring academic work from general education, electives and courses from one or more majors into a bachelor’s degree. Students may transfer in and count up to 90 earned credit hours from a 2-year institution toward the 124 credit hours required for graduation. A student must also comply with a residency requirement of 30 credits at Friends University.

Career Services

Helpful career guidance

Program Outcomes

  • Establish foundational and advanced skills in critical thinking and communication.
  • Comprehend, analyze and think through ideas across multiple disciplines.
  • Assess a problem, use problem-solving strategies to address it, and determine solutions and action plans.
  • Express a comprehensive worldview within one or more academic areas.
  • Demonstrate ethical behaviors, meet the needs of others within an organization, and further professional responsibility with others in professions as well as society.

Program Requirements

  • College of Adult and Professional Studies General Education (43 hours)
  • Upper division courses (42 hrs. distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories) At least 6 hrs. must be 400-level or higher. (48 hours)
  • Other credits (33 hours)

Total Hours University Graduation Requirement: 124 hours

Featured Faculty

Sean Cash

Sean Cash

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing; Assistant Chair, Division of Business Information and Technology: Outreach
  • M.B.A., Webster University

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