Community College Transfers

As a community college transfer, you can continue your education with Friends University. We take a personal interest in your success and make the transfer process as simple as possible. We offer two different educational formats designed to meet your specific needs as you continue your bachelor’s degree.

Evening and Online Classes for Adults
Our adult-oriented degrees allow you to complete your bachelor’s degree through the College of Adult and Professional Studies by attending classes in the evening or online. This allows you to:

  • Continue your education while you maintain your work, family and other responsibilities.
  • Transfer up to 78 credit hours. This is typically more hours than many other universities allow.
  • Enroll in eight-week classes, with classes starting five times throughout the year.
  • Earn credit from the Prior Learning Assessment Office for college-level learning acquired through work, training, non-college courses and experiences. This credit can shorten the time and cost required to complete your degree.
  • Access our Career Services Office for resume, interviewing and job search assistance.

To learn more about available evening and online degrees, click here. To learn more about our community college partnerships, check out our articulation agreements. To view transfer credit policies, visit our online catalog. Or contact 316-295-5300 or

Finish with Friends
The Finish with Friends program allows alumni and students from Hutchinson Community College to remain in Hutchinson and complete a Friends University bachelor's degree on the campus in Hutch. Check out our Hutchinson Community College partnership page to learn more and see a list of available programs.

Daytime Degree Programs
If you want a traditional college experience, these degrees allow you to complete your bachelor’s degree by attending classes during the daytime. As a student in the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education, you would:

  • Take a variety of daytime classes in a traditional, semester-based format.
  • Be able to participate in extracurricular campus activities such as athletics, fine arts, campus ministries and other student organizations and clubs.
  • Work with a faculty advisor in your field of study to help you select classes that meet your degree requirements.

To learn more about available daytime degrees, click here. To learn more about transferring credits, click here. Or contact 316-295-5100 or

Graduate Degrees for Community College Faculty and Staff
New! Friends University is also pleased to support our community college partners by offering a 10 percent tuition discount to all full-time community college faculty and staff who wish to pursue their master’s degree at Friends.

To learn more about our available master’s degrees, click here or contact 316-295-5300 or

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