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A degree in psychology will prepare you to better understand how the mind works and how it influences our thinking, behavior and relationships.

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Program Highlights

Practice Oriented Approach

The psychology degree program at Friends University is a practice-oriented degree designed to prepare students to work in the helping professions or prepare for graduate school. The psychology courses are combined with sociology and human service courses to give students a broader base of study and application.

In-Field Experience

In addition to classroom study, students spend two semesters in field experiences to help you prepare for the workplace and begin networking with other professionals. This also serves as an experience base for graduate school. This is a hybrid major with class one night a week on campus for two semesters and the rest of the major coursework taught online.

Post Graduate Career Success

Friends University psychology graduates are currently employed at places such as: Wichita Children’s Home, Mental Health Association of Sedgwick County, Pando Initiative, Big Brothers Big Sisters, USD 259, and Catholic Charities.

Prepared for Gradudate School

Some of our pre-professional majors are enrolled at Emporia State University, Wichita State University, University of Kansas, Fuller Seminary, and North Texas University.

Extracurricular Activities

Friends University has a very active psychology club on campus.

4+1 Program

Get your MBA in just five years with our 4+1 MBA degree program.

Experienced Faculty

Experienced and caring faculty with real-world business expertise

“As an Eagle Scout, I learned to give back. So becoming a student at Friends became an opportunity for me to not only become better educated, but also to lead others in the community as I have been so blessed to receive.”

Chris Tice, Psychology Major

Three Areas of Emphasis

Focus Areas

A psychology degree offers three areas of emphasis – Pre-Graduate Studies, Pre-Professional Studies and Industrial Psychology. These areas allow flexibility so students may focus on a special area of interest within the psychology degree.

  • Pre-Graduate StudiesPrepares students for general careers working with people and for graduate training.
  • Pre-Professional StudiesTeaches students to work with families, family intervention and counseling for all age groups.
  • Industrial PsychologyPrepares students to work for social service agencies.

Program Outcomes

  • Understand the major theoretical approaches, research findings, and historical trends in the science of psychology.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the use of major research methods in psychology, including design, data analysis, and interpretation.
  • Apply the major theoretical approaches in psychology to reality-based personal, social, motivational, emotional, educational, and organizational issues.

Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program

As a psychology major, you now have the option of applying for Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program. This program enables you to earn your bachelor’s degree and your MBA in just five years! Start by taking 12 credit hours toward your MBA degree during your senior year while completing your bachelor’s degree. These 12 hours will also be included as elective courses towards your bachelor’s degree. It’s sort of like taking one course and counting it twice! Then apply for our MBA program through a graduate school application. Upon acceptance by the MBA program director, you would be able to complete the remaining 18 credit hours of the MBA degree in year five.

If you’re interested in learning more about Friends 4 + 1 MBA degree program, please contact Preston Todd, Assistant Dean of the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education at or 316-295-5623.

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