Mar 21 2019

Chapel-Poor Bishop Hooper-The Golgatha Experience

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Weaving a patchwork of melodies atop an upright bass and a guitar, Poor Bishop Hooper began as a duo. As their love for one another and for the Lord increased, they were called to further steward their gifts for God’s glory, and in increasingly unique ways. Though they still often perform simple tunes in simple places, a vibrant musical ministry has developed around them. It ranges from full band, heavy mood moments like that in the Golgotha Experience, to string and vocal laden scores like that in Firstborn. They’ve performed for thousands around the country, in the largest of concert halls to the smallest of living rooms. They’ve been commissioned to write music by distinguished art museums, underground ministries, and independent artists. Their hearts for the Creator and the endless and bountiful inspiration he provides are ever growing. In turn, their creative projects follow his leading.

Mar 21 2019

LEGO Night

Casado Campus Center, Gym

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Students can come enjoy a throwback LEGO Night with all kinds of activities built around LEGOs. There will be plenty of fun food and drinks provided! Please contact Amanda Claxton at with any questions about the event!