Feb 16 2023

Chapel – Lacey Wheeler

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Pastor Lacey has been involved in ministry in many different capacities over the course of her life. From serving as a worship leader at Chapel Hill UMC in Wichita, serving as the Coordinator of Worship, Hospitality, and Young Adult Ministries at McPherson FUMC, as well as serving as the Associate Pastor, and most recently serving as the Lead Pastor, at Marquette UMC, Lacey has found joy and great fulfillment in ministry. One of her passions is bringing people together in their giftedness to create teams of ministry who work out of their best selves. Lacey is also incredibly passionate about preaching scripture and digging deep into the inner workings of the text to see what God has for us today.

Lacey holds several degrees: a Bachelor of Music degree from WSU, a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree from Friends, and a Master of Divinity degree from Saint Paul School of Theology. Through music, preaching, and creative expressions of worship, Lacey enjoys building up the body of Christ and empowering people to participate in the work God has for us right here and right now.