Apr 20 2023

Chapel – Stacey and Tony Wheeler

Davis Administration Building, Alumni Auditorium

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Tony and Stacey Wheeler have always worked as a team, desiring to serve and honor God through a strong marriage and family. Tony’s gifts are leadership, exhortation, teaching, and counseling. They believe they have a calling on their lives to encourage people to seek first the Kingdom of God. They have ministered together since before they were married and cofounded a non-profit called Wheeler Ministries. Tony teaches, counsels, and develops programs to help families grow in the area of spiritual formation, marriage, and parenting, and Stacey speaks and leads worship. Tony earned his Master’s in Family Therapy Studies from Friends University and a Ph.D. From Kansas State University and is a Co-Superintendent of Pastoral and Church Health for Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America Yearly Meeting (EFC-MAYM). Stacey earned her Bachelor’s in English from Friends University and a Master’s in English from Fort Hays State and is the Director of Pastoral and Church Health for EFC-MAYM. They both taught at Barclay College from 2009-2016. They’ve been married for 36 years and are thankful and blessed to have three grown children and five grandchildren and love living in the Kansas City area. When they’re not hanging out with family, Tony and Stacey enjoy hiking, taking drives, and drinking coffee. For more information, please visit wheelerministries.com, efcmaym.org, and yellowbutterflysite.com.