Feb 1 2024

Chapel: Mark Alan Schoolmeesters

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Speaker: Mark Alan Schoolmeesters

Mark Alan Schoolmeesters is a Minneapolis based songwriter, producer and communicator who is focused on bringing the best out of people, projects, and ideas. Mark is a staff writer at, Nashville based, Integrity Music and a music pastor at Eagle Brook Church in Minneapolis. Mark has written songs on GRAMMY and DOVE award nominated projects for Chris Tomlin, Holy Roar (Songwriter: I Stand In Awe); Jesus Culture, Let it Echo (Songwriter: In The River), Love Has a name (Songwriter: Fresh Outpouring) and Selah, One Name (Songwriter: Glory Hallelujah & God Of Ages) and produced projects for artists like REVERE (Leeland, DOE, Mark Barlow, Gabriel Guides de Almaeda), LO WORSHIP and many others. The local church remains an important part of Mark’s life. He has served in his current role as a central Music Pastor at Eagle Brook Church since 2019. Prior to that, Mark built teams at two other churches, for 10 years and 9 years. Mark spends time and energy investing in other leaders throughout the US regularly as he speaks at Conferences, retreats, on podcasts and coaching. In every project, no matter the size or scope, Mark considers it a privilege to come alongside artists, creatives and leaders to encourage them to be the fullest version of who God has created and called them to be.