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Global MBA

Why choose Global MBA?

The world economy requires that U.S. companies hire professionals educated in international business. The Global MBA degree incorporates Friends University’s core Christian values of respect and equality and develops students’ expertise in international business practices required for successful performance in domestic companies. The program develops your competency in business decision-making and cross-cultural communication and negotiations. All of us should remember the peace-promoting function of global trade: “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will” – the quote attributed to the 19th century French Liberal economist Frederic Bastiat. View the Master of Global MBA Program Outcomes for more information.

Finish in 15

MBA Health Care ManagementOur Global MBA degree program is designed for working professionals, just like you. Friends University offers degree completion in as little as 15 months with a focus on leadership and soft skills development. As part of a top-ranked degree program you will gain relevant business knowledge and the expertise to take that next step in your career.

Additional value

A combination of the Global MBA major (6 courses including the short business residency abroad listed below) and one of our business concentrations (4 courses) creates additional value for our alumni on the careers you can pursue with an international business degree across a wide spectrum of jobs and industries.

Course Requirements

View the courses required for a Master’s degree in Global MBA.

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We support our students

Online Masters Best MBA Degree Programs 2019The program and concentrations are offered on campus, online and in a mixed format. Professors observe virtual office hours and if you cannot attend a class on campus, there is always an option of participating via Zoom. Learn more about our professors.

Tina Swink, Global MBA

In addition to the great business opportunities and personal growth I have enjoyed as a result of my degree program, I recently received a significant promotion which will allow me to work in the role that I have desired for years, as well as travel the world!

Tina Swink, Global MBA

Global MBA Advisory Board

Best MBA ProgramTwelve leading experts in different aspects of international business serve on the GMBA Advisory Board, consult students on their final projects, participate in the academic process as guest speakers and facilitate professional networking. Visit the Global MBA Advisory Board page to learn more.

Business residency abroad

The capstone enhances the interdependence of companies around the world as a major success factor for local business. Participation in round-table discussions and learning about the competitive advantage of companies in the countries of destination contributes to our students’ competitiveness in the domestic business market. Meetings with executives in foreign countries puts to the test academic knowledge received in the classroom and helps our alumni with being promoted or getting new and exciting careers. Learn more by visiting the Global Business Experience page.

International Management Graduate Certificates

Friends University’s Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiations graduate certificate provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in a changing international business environment. You will develop strategies to capitalize on business opportunities around the world and will gain understanding of the importance of strengthening an organization’s competitive advantage in a global market.

Learn more about the Cross-cultural Communications and Negotiations Graduate Certificate here.


Every year, the Global MBA program awards the Gerald E. Litherland Scholarship to support the business residency abroad. For more information, please contact

Career Options

A degree in Global MBA can be used in more ways than you may think. Take a look at some of the potential careers that can result from this area of study.

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The path to your future career starts long before graduation. Learn what steps you need to take along the way to put you a step ahead.

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National Association of Women MBAs

Friends University is pleased to have the first chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) at a private university in Kansas. The NAWMBA Friends University Chapter will host local and regional events throughout the year to provide opportunities for professional women to build knowledge and leadership skills.

Featured Faculty

Valentina Chappell

Dr. Valentina Chappell

  • Professor of Business and Technology
  • M.Ed., Voronezh State University; Ph.D., Authority of Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministers, Moscow, Russia

Ray Garvey

  • Part-Time Instructor
  • B.A., Wichita State University; M.B.A., Baker University

Tim Shanfelt

  • Part-time Instructor
  • B.S., Friends University; M.S., Friends University