Master of Science in Strategic Leadership

Earn a Graduate Degree in Strategic Leadership

The Master of Science in Strategic Leadership (MSSL) prepares students to strategically and purposefully lead people and organizations in many occupational fields. Rooted in Quaker Christian heritage, Friends University prepares students to lead with ethical and critical thinking skills, needed in today’s business environment.

Earn your Master of Science in Strategic Leadership.

Program Highlights

Preparing for Important Leadership Roles

MSSL graduates will be prepared to be change agents who can create meaningful organizational improvements through effective communication and highly developed emotional intelligence.

Academic Resources

Access to library and academic support services

Passionate Faculty

Accessible educators with real-world experience and expertise

Leadership Development

Students learn practices contributing to values-centric leadership development through the Leadership Colloquium series classes.

Leadership Colloquium Series

The Leadership Colloquium consists of speakers, assigned reading, and/or other information in order to integrate student learning and experiential content.

Transformative Leaders

The purpose of this program is to develop transformative leaders to serve in profit and non-profit organizations.

Career Services

Helpful career guidance

Learn on campus or online.

Costs & Value

Getting a graduate degree in Strategic Leadership has great long term success and value. With the competitive advantage, higher salary and real world experience that comes from a graduate degree, it only makes sense to pursue a graduate degree! Did you know that those with a graduate degree earn almost 20% more than those that only have an undergraduate degree? Read more reasons why it pays to get a graduate degree.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply leadership principles to organizational situations. [Assessed in BSAD 560 – Leadership as a Calling collaborative assignments]
  • Evaluate strategic leadership principles using secondary research. [Assessed in BSAD 580 – Capstone Portfolio written assignment]
  • Evaluate change management techniques to organizations managing goals and challenges. [Assessed in BSAD 609 – Change Management written assignment]
  • Analyze the legal issues comprising the framework of strategic leadership. [Assessed in BSAD 605 – Business Law written assignment]

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