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Cape of Good Hope - Global MBA Experience
Pictured: Global MBA students at Cape of Good Hope during 2016’s Global Business Experience trip to South Africa.

Global Business Experience

Students enrolled in the global MBA begin working on their special project MGMT 691 early in the program. During the last course in the program, students will participate in a short-term global business residency traveling to a foreign country for five to seven days as a group to experience working in a practical business environment at the international level. Supervised by the program director and a faculty member, the study abroad experience presents a valuable opportunity to benchmark results of student academic research against a real-life global business environment. The Special Project allows students to compare concepts of global supply chain, business negotiations, managerial decision-making, ethics and many others learned in the master’s program with their implementation in a foreign company, thus preparing students to be efficient and competitive in the global market.

Previous Trips

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Global MBA Program

The global MBA degree, provided at the Wichita campus and online, provides you with a unique mix of academic courses, professional contacts and personal development experiences. It also helps to develop your expertise in international business practices and enhance competency in decision-making and cross-cultural communication and negotiations. The program is committed to teaching major competencies in leadership, ethics and complex business skills required for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage in a global business environment. The global MBA is a case study-based program that lays the foundation for the business residency abroad.

The business residency abroad is one of the core courses in the program. The business residency allows you to compare concepts of global supply chain, business negotiations, managerial decision-making and ethics with implementation in a foreign company. It prepares you to be efficient and competitive in the global market. The residency is supervised by the graduate school faculty and adds value to the global portfolio our students develop while pursuing the global MBA degree.
Global MBA requires 16 credit hours of core courses:

  • Global Business
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiations
  • Global Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Global Strategy
  • Global Business Experience (1 credit hour)
Tina Swink, Global MBA

In addition to the great business opportunities and personal growth I have enjoyed as a result of my degree program, I recently received a significant promotion which will allow me to work in the role that I have desired for years, as well as travel the world!

Tina Swink, Global MBA

Program Concentrations

To complete your master’s degree, the graduate school offers four concentrations. You can select one of the concentrations as a package or pick up courses (15 credit hours) from each of them to comply with a degree completion requirement of 31-37 credit hours.

  • 2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges for a Master's in AccountingFriends University offers an Accounting concentration as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. These professional degrees have a concentration in accounting designed to prepare students for leadership positions in business. 2018 Top Online Master's in Accounting ProgramsThe purpose of this Professional MBA or Global MBA in Accounting concentration is to develop your skills in the functional areas of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, while accommodating students wishing to continue accounting degrees in Kansas beyond the bachelor’s degree level.Accounting Professional MBA Best Colleges Students who have taken all courses required by the Kansas State Board of Accountancy (KSBOA) successfully accomplishing 150 or more credits are qualified to sit for the CPA exam. Additionally, students who have at least two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management can also sit for the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) exam.TOP 50 Online MBA Programs in Accounting 2017Friends MBA in Accounting is ranked #17 on the list of Top 50 Online MBA Programs in Accounting by and #22 in the list of top online master’s in accounting programs by This is definitely a program you will want to check out! It is also ranked #16 on the list of the 2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges for a Master’s in Accounting by and #11 on the list of the 2018 Top Online Master’s in Accounting Programs by
  • We are excited to announce a new Change Management concentration as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. The concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to possess the expertise to implement and manage strategic change. The interdisciplinary curriculum develops your capacity to create transition strategies and to manage for-profit and not-for-profit organizations using a variety of organization development tools and techniques designed for today’s complex national and international business environments, respective to the MBA program selected.
  • We are excited to announce a new concentration in Health Care Leadership as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. This concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to better prepare you for a professional administrator role. This advanced program is designed to help you develop the management and finance knowledge that builds on your existing background to develop knowledge and skills you can apply immediately to create innovative solutions and to adapt and lead in ever-changing national and global health care systems. Plus, the Friends online Master of Business Administration with a Health Care Leadership concentration ranks No. 27 in the nation as assessed by It’s the only Kansas program listed in the top 50!
  • Masters Supply Chain Management - Top Online Colleges For ValueWe are excited to announce a new concentration in Supply Chain Management and Logistics as part of the Professional MBA and Global MBA programs. The concentration brings like-minded students together through a series of four courses to develop your expertise in knowing and using important features of ERP systems, conducting lean manufacturing reviews and developing a supply chain to obtain a competitive advantage. Friends University has also been ranked 5th for Master’s Degrees in Supply Chain Management in the 2018 Top Online CollegesMasters Supply ChainManagement - Most Afforable Online Colleges ranking which is based on value and 12th for Master’s Degrees in Supply Chain Management in the 2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges by SR Education Group.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the use of effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Locate information sources using the appropriate research methodologies.
  • Apply ethical behavior, sound leadership and management principles to decisions that impact a global business environment.
  • Select appropriate information technologies to define, analyze, and develop solutions to business problems/opportunities.
  • Demonstrate leadership/teamwork skills in domestic and global business environments.

Course Requirements

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Global Masters of Business Administration Degree Brochure

National Association of Women MBAs

Friends University is pleased to have the first chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) at a private university in Kansas. The NAWMBA Friends University Chapter will host local and regional events throughout the year to provide opportunities for professional women to build knowledge and leadership skills.

Global MBA Advisory Board

Global MBA Advisory BoardThe advisory board was instrumental in establishing the Masters of International Business major at Friends University. The board members regularly visit classes and share their business experience with Global MBA students as guest speakers. They also serve as external advisors for final projects and global business residences abroad.

GLOBAL MBA ADVISORY BOARD. Front row, left –right: Dr. Valentina Chappell, Global MBA Director; Ellie Antova, ICM, International Regional Manager; Sarah Braden, Intrust Bank, Senior International Banking Specialist; Bob Kice, Kice Industries, VP (retired); Ray Garvey, The Grasshopper Company, Export Manager; A.J. Anderson, Wichita U.S. Export Center, Director. Second row, left –right: Tim Shanfelt, Koch Industries, Inc. Operations Enabler Leader; Joel B. Davis, Bombardier Aerospace, Director, Facilities Development; Jim Wilkerson, Product Safety and Certification, Textron Aviation, Manager; Bassam (Sammy) Jaradat, Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation, SAP Senior Business Analyst; Steve Shaad, BG Products, Int’l Trade Division, Market Manager. Absent: Karyn Page, Kansas Global Services, Inc. , CEO and President; Monica Trochim, Markus Food, International Sales manager; Woody Swain, Invista, Koch Industries, Inc. Business Development, Director (retired)

Featured Faculty

Valentina Chappell

Dr. Valentina Chappell

  • Professor of Business and Technology; Program Director of Global MBA
  • M.Ed., Voronezh State University; Ph.D., Authority of Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministers, Moscow, Russia