Conservation ScienceBachelor of Science

Conserving and sustaining life.

Are you passionate about caring for the world around you? Through our Conservation Science program, you’ll discover how to nurture and protect our biological and natural resource ecosystems, preserving them for future generations.

Start your future in conservation science.

Program Highlights

Real-world knowledge. Supportive learning.

The core part of the curriculum focuses on biology and ecology and travel-based classes that visit natural caves, beaches and freshwater ecosystems. Students learn about wildlife rehabilitation, ecosystem management and environmental science.

Academic Resources

Access to library and academic support services

Interactive Classrooms

Collaborative instruction in interactive classroom environments

Passionate Faculty

Accessible educators with real-world experience and expertise

Hands-On Experience

Students work with local and national agencies throughout the program to gain real-world experience including the Great Plains Nature Center, Kansas Wildlife Exhibit, San Diego Zoo Global, Sedgwick County Zoo, and many more.

Career Services

Helpful career guidance


Focus Areas

Students pursuing a degree in conservation science participate in a unique cross-disciplinary program designed to prepare them to work in and around the fields of biological and natural resource conservation. Choose one of eight sub-disciplines to help aid the path towards a career in conservation.

  • BusinessThis sub-discipline is for students interested in potentially running a conservation-based nonprofit organization, park, or zoo.
  • Graphic ArtsLearn how to design and create branding strategies specifically for conservation organizations.
  • Wildlife Law EnforcementAre you interested in becoming a natural resource officer or game warden? This sub-discipline is for you.
  • Environmental EducationThis sub-discipline is for students who want to teach at nature centers, zoos, parks, and other conservation organizations.
  • GovernmentCombine your interest in policy and lobbying with your passion for the environment with our government sub-discipline.
  • WritingThis sub-discipline is for students who wish to purse a career in writing with an environmental focus.
  • Science Graduate SchoolStudents who want to pursue post-graduate studies take graduate school prerequisites with our graduate school sub-discipline.
  • Spanish Translation & InterpretationGain the skills in Spanish that allow you to interpret and translate as you travel the world in your conservation career.

Featured Faculty

Ana Jurcak-Detter

Dr. Ana M Jurcak-Detter

  • Assistant Professor Biology
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • B.S., State University of New York at Oswego; M.S., Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Patrick Mathews

Dr. Patrick Mathews

  • Professor of Biology; Program Director of Zoo Science
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • B.A., M.S., Truman State University; Ph.D., University of Arkansas

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