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A unique program in radiologic technology.

Our unique Radiologic Technology program is created for students who want a Bachelor’s Degree and have certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) from a Higher Education Institution or wish to pursue it.

Start your future in radiologic technology.

Program Highlights

Real-world knowledge. Supportive learning.

A unique program in Radiologic Technology created from a partnership with Hutchinson Community College.

Unique 2+2 Program

The 2+2 Radiologic Technology program requires that students who have no credits from other schools must complete at least 64 credits of coursework from Friends University  and at least 60 credits from a Higher Education Institution offering ARRT certification making 124 credits.  With these credits, you will earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Technology.

Transfer Students

For students who wish to transfer credits to Friends University, you are allowed to transfer 25 credits from a 4-year college and 9 credits from a 2-year college (34 credit transfers in total), but you must complete 30 credit hours at Friends University, making a total of 64.  A large portion of the 60 credits to be earned at an ARRT certified Higher Education Institution constitutes your clinical credits and some course work.

Modern Facilities

Friends University’s facilities are located in William Penn Science Building, a modern science and math building that includes a computer facility, research and teaching labs, faculty offices, and lecture rooms.

Passionate Faculty

Each professor in the program has earned a Ph.D. and is actively involved in teaching and in a variety of research projects with undergraduate students.

Career Services

Helpful career guidance

After enrolling in the program at Friends and completing the course requirements successfully, two students per academic year will be recommended for transition to Hutchinson Community College.  The selection of these two students is competitive.  If you are one of the two selected students, the Program Director at Hutch will invite you to an orientation session and assist you in completing the necessary forms to begin your classes and practical training.  At the completion of your practical training/clinicals, you will request your Hutchinson Community College transcript to be sent to the registrar at Friends University for these credentials to be updated on your transcript at Friends, in readiness for your graduation.

For additional clarification: you may contact:

Dr. Prince N Agbedanu
Assistant Professor of Biology
Health Science Program Director
Friends University
Office Number: 316-295-5405
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