Dual Credit FAQs

How do dual credits transfer to regent schools?

Each individual college or university has the right to accept or deny transfer coursework. All credits earned at Friends University will transfer to Kansas regent schools. A student would need to request a transcript be sent to the school of choice (which can be done online). The classes would transfer to both 2-year and 4-year schools. The majority of our summer and dual credit classes are general education courses. Each school gets to set their own general education requirements; however there are a lot of similarities. A student can stick to core classes (college algebra, writing 1/writing 2, public speaking, introduction to psychology, ethics, history, or American government) and those will be safe bets to fulfill general education nearly everywhere they go.

How does dual credit transfer to programs of study at Friends?

Most of the classes offered through the dual credit program will meet general education requirements or electives. Students can apply up to 36 hours of credit obtained through dual credit to the graduation requirements at Friends.

What is the cost of dual enrollment?

Starting in fall 2019 classes are $70/credit hour.

What are the benefits of dual credit for teachers?

We pay dual credit instructors $20 per student who enrolls in the class.

Are there incentives for teachers who may not be qualified to teach concurrently?

We do not offer any incentives for teachers who do not meet the current criteria.

What are the student requirements (GPA, grade level, pre-requisites) for dual credit?

The student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. (Some discretion is given if the instructor or counselor believes that the student can succeed in the class.) Dual credit can be granted for semester long and yearlong courses. In the case of a yearlong course, we enroll students in the spring after they have completed one semester of the class. They must have a minimum of a “C” in the first semester of the class to be eligible to enroll. There is no grade level restriction but most classes that we approve are junior and senior level courses.

What is the enrollment process for high school students?

First time students will need to complete the application online. All students must go to Self-Service Banner to self-enroll. You will receive the class number (crn) from your teacher that must be input in self-service banner and then you will see the class you are taking. Once you enroll in the class you must go to the payment portion. If you have any questions regarding the application or the enrollment process, please contact Mackenzie Underwood at 316-295-5104 or dual_credit@friends.edu.

What is the tuition payment process?

Dual credit students are granted access to our online self-service banner portal to enroll in and pay for classes. Payments can be made through that portal, in person at the cashier window or by phone. To reach the cashier to make payments over the phone please call 316-295-5767. Payments are due at the time of registration.

What available courses will be offered?

Here are some examples of courses we have approved at other schools. Please do not feel like you are limited to this list. We have many others and are always willing to review additional courses.

HS CourseFriends U Course #Friends U Course TitleCredit Hours
AP BiologyBIOL101Cellular & Molecular Biol&Lab4
AP ChemistryCHEM101General Chemistry 1 & Lab5
AP ChemistryCHEM102General Chemistry 2 & Lab5
AP English LanguageCOMP201Writing 13
Teaching as a CareerEDUC110Introduction to Teaching3
AP LiteratureENGL220World Masterpieces 23
Honors Financial LiteracyFINC140Personal Finance3
AP US HistoryHIST140US History 1:Through 18653
Pre-Calc/TrigMATH111College Algebra3
AP CalculusMATH201Calculus 15
EthicsPHIL100Introduction to Philosophy3
AP PhysicsPHYS101General Physics 1 & Lab4
AP PhysicsPHYS102General Physics 2 & Lab4
AP US GovernmentPOLS100American Government3
Systematic TheologyREL223Basic Christian Beliefs3
AP Spanish Language and CultureSPAN305Intermd Spanish Conversation I3
SpeechSPCH100Public Speaking3