Dual Credit: Students and Parents

Why Dual Credit?

Dual Credit is an opportunity for high school students to take courses for both high school and college credit. With the many costs involved in the education process, dual credit offers students and their families an opportunity to reduce time and money. Taking college courses while in high school can provide a student with more options in the future such as graduating college early, adding a second major or minor, taking fewer hours per semester in college to prevent being overloaded, or studying abroad while in college. Also, college courses are a great preparation for the college environment. By taking college courses in high school students gain valuable skills necessary to succeed in college.

How can Dual Credit courses help me save money, graduate faster or offset difficult college semesters?

  • Save money: Dual Credit courses are offered at $70 per credit hour. Most colleges offer classes beginning at $100 per credit and in many cases much higher. Regardless of where a student goes to school, dual credit is a great way to begin saving money on overall college tuition.
  • Graduate college faster: Friends University requires students to earn 124 credit hours to graduate. This equates to an average of 15.5 hours per semester over eight semesters (four years of college). By taking college credits prior to entering college as a full-time student, students can better ensure they will graduate on time, or possibly early. Students who enter college undecided on a major, change their majors, or add an additional major and/or minor can benefit from dual credit courses for scheduling and staying on track to complete college faster.
  • Offset difficult college semesters: College semesters can be very challenging, especially in later years as students are taking multiple upper level courses at the same time. By taking dual credit courses, students can better arrange their schedules to limit highly difficult semesters by taking fewer hours, mixing upper level and lower level courses, or by having a fewer number of highly difficult semesters. This will vary based on what courses students find challenging, the choice of major and many other factors. Regardless, it is easy to see how entering college with credits can be extremely beneficial.
  • Prepare for the academic rigor of college: College classes are generally arranged and taught differently than high school courses. The material is generally more difficult and can move at a faster pace. Instructors increasingly place more responsibility on the student than is typical in high school coursework. Dual-credit courses, along with AP classes or other college preparation opportunities, will teach students the essential skills necessary to succeed in college.

Why Friends University?

Friends University offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate academic programs for traditional students and working adults. A Christian university of Quaker heritage, we insist that our students learn inside and outside the classroom. We equip students to honor God and serve others while offering programs that open pathways to a profession.

Students that enroll through the Friends University dual credit program will receive Friends University Student ID cards that can be used to enjoy athletics home games and fine arts events. Visit the Casado Campus Center webpage for information on hours that student IDs can be picked up.

How to get started

Enrollment will take place during the fall and spring semesters. The participating students should complete the following requirements in order to receive credit at Friends.

      1. Fill out the application. Pay class fee ($70 per credit hour) online.
      2. All forms and payment must be completed and submitted online or to the Registrar’s Office at Friends University by the designated deadline.
      3. Start using your student.friends.edu email. Once admitted, you will receive information on how to access your student email. ALL correspondence from Friends University will be sent to your Friends student email, including payment information and registration information. If you need help accessing your email, please contact our help desk at 316-295-5767 or helpdesk@friends.edu.

Tuition Rate

Dual Credit courses are offered at $70 per credit hour.

Dual Credit Dates

Each semester we establish deadlines for each school. Please contact your school counselor or dual_credit@friends.edu for dates and deadlines.

Current Dual Credit Schools

Our current high school partners include the following:

  • Bishop Carroll
  • Campus High School
  • Central Christian Academy
  • Classical School of Wichita
  • Wichita Collegiate School
  • Northfield School of the Liberal Arts
  • The Independent School
  • Trinity Academy
  • Wichita HS East
  • Wichita HS Heights
  • Wichita HS Northwest
  • Wichita HS South
  • Wichita HS Southeast
  • Wichita HS West

Who do I contact with questions?

    • Students can talk with their high school counselor and teachers to ask about dual credit opportunities.
    • Students and families can also reach out to dual_credit@friends.edu with questions.