Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Year InductedRecipient NameGraduation Year
1955Alta Howard Hoyt1904
Charles Brown1924
Lloyd Pickrell1926
1956Daniel Binford1907
Pauline Eagle Casado1924
Paul White1918
1957Dr. Claude Holmes1907
Dr. Errol Elliot1927
Edra Miller Weathers1936
1958Laura Howe Ralstin1911
Dr. E. D. Carter1913
Charles A. Wells1926
1959Gervas Carey1914
N. Russell Johnson1929
Lawrence Wilbur1928
1960Dr. Virgil Holland Moon1909
Elmer Moore1926
Dr. Joseph Togba1940
1961Dr. H. Ernest Crow1909
Dr. Howard Kershner1914
Mary Louise Bacon Lyman1914
1962Dr. O. B. Baldwin1906
Charles Hill1914
1963Dr. W. A. Young1905
Dr. James F. Crow1937
1964Dr. S. A. Watson1918
Dr. William Newman1930
Dr. Orcenith Smith1939
1965Dr. Louise Fulton Bush1928
Dr. Katherine Pennington1937
1966Dr. Virgil Bottom1931
Dr. Margaret Joy1918
1967Paul Brown1938
Dr. Ernest Crow1942
Dr. James Herbertson1936
1968Edith Ratcliff1940
Howard Hoyt1939
1969Waldena Martindale Baldwin1906
Esther Choate1932
Carl Dillon1941
Dr. Lloyd Woods1930
1970Dr. Dorothy Craven1940
Margaret Raines1926
Fred Stearns1912
1971Craig Ferris1934
Flora Fry1919
Dr. Kenneth Andrew1940
1972Evelyn Clark Elliott1922
Darrell Bartee1930
1973Gerald Wood1925
Helen Hester Wood1925
Dr. Cecil J. Riney1953
1974Vern Miller1951
Kent Frizzel1953
Raymond “Bud” Wamsley1953
Dr. Robert Michener1922
Edith Riner Michener1924
1975Dr. Emerson Smith1950
1976Nyle Miller1927
LaRuba Billings Henderson1928
1977Geraldine Noeler Nold1942
Mother Mary Ann McNamara1937
Henry Riblet1934
1978Tony Casado1937
Mike Taylor1942
1979Dr. Robert Jolley1950
1980Harold Newby1933
1981Dr. A. I. Mahan1931
Harold “Deak” Wiley1923
1982Eleanor McMillian Olsen1937
Howard and Eva Ellis1929
1983Floyd V. Moore1933
Orian Landreth1923
1984Milton Howard Day1934
1985J. David Jackson1929
1986Florence Clarke Richardson1936
George Franklin Dillon1936
Lowell Roberts1936
David Leach (posthumous)1959
Sheldon Louthan (posthumous)1956
1987Paul Schultz1937
Dr. Marie Ferguson Parker1937
Waldo Toevs1937
1988Albert Kimmel1927
Maynard Whitelaw1931
Helen Ott Harmon1939
Duane Dyer1964
Jimmie Downing1958
1989Dr. Charles Hubbard1951
1990Mike Schoonover1922
Dr. McClure Smith1960
Clifford Osborn1939
1991Dr. George Potts1961
John McKay, Jr.1961
Dorothy Casado McKay1961
1992Dr. Robert Cowan1942
1993Rev. Bruce Blake1959
1994Tom Mitchell1969
Linda Unruh Mitchell1970
1995E. Paul Boles1954
1996Harvey McCoy1934
M. Faye Bertholf McCoy1934
Eric Metz1977
1997John Wine, Jr.1975
1998Richard Mullins (posthumous)1995
1999Michael Wilson1967
Natalie Wilson1999
2000E. Frances Eastwood1939
Daryl Pitts1957
Rodney Pitts1982
2002Dr. Leroy Brightup1958
Eva Brightup1986
2003Ronald W. Holt1973
Director of culture, entertainment and recreation for Sedgwick County. Has provided volunteer leadership for a variety of community organizations and has served on numerous boards including the Urban League, the National American Red Cross Board of Governors, and the Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce. Has received following awards: Up With People Award from the Urban League of Wichita; Community Enrichment Award from the Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners; Brotherhood-Sisterhood Award from the National Conference for Community and Justice; and the Exemplary Service Award from the Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce.
2004Philip R. Crimmins1986 / 1988
Worked at Pizza Hut for 27 years in senior leadership positions in the areas of research and development, concept development, customer satisfaction, field training and operations. Serves as the Senior Vice President of Operations Excellence for Applebee’s which supports franchise and company operations of Applebee’s.
2005Dr. Kenneth Canfield1978
Serves as president of the Kansas City-based National Center for Fathering, a non-profit education and research center dedicated to inspiring and equipping men to be responsible fathers. Author of four books. Has been interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC’s Today Show, and ABC’s World News Tonight.
2007Ardith Dunn1981
2017Earnest Alexander and Jim Nagy1979 / 1977
2018Erik Nott- Distinguished Alumni for RISE values
James Gross- Distinguished Alumni in Fine Arts
David and Mae Kellum for Distinguished Alumni in Christian Leadership/Service
2019Ben Hutton - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Achievement in RISE values
Mary Hendershot - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Chrisitan Leadership and Service
Barbara (Babs) Mellor - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Achievement in the Fine Arts
2020Stan Leach - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Achievement in RISE values
Dr. Andre' J. Thomas - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Chrisitan Leadership and Service
Michelle Riney Henderson - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Achievement in the Fine Arts
2021R.C. Buford - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Achievement in RISE values
Norman and Leatha Hein - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Christian Leadership and Service
Tom Reeves - Distinguished Alumni for Outstanding Achievement in the Fine Arts