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With a strong focus on the fundamentals of commerce, a degree in finance will prepare you to make the transition from theory to practice in the realm of figures, trajectories and dividends.

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Program Highlights

A Degree in Finance

A degree in finance prepares students for a professional career in fields such as corporate or business finance, financial management in government and nonprofit organizations, financial planning, investments and banking.

Global & Domestic Dimensions of Finance

Preparation includes both technical knowledge and analytical skills, as well as the ability to apply and communicate results. The program will require students to master both the global and domestic dimensions of finance.

Transition From Theory to Practice

To achieve these objectives, coursework will feature problem-solving and analytical decision-making. Through case studies, simulations and optional trips to financial centers, students will make the transition from theory to practice. Current developments in the economy and in financial markets and institutions are emphasized to help you appreciate the complexities of financial and investment management.

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Candidates must complete 54 credit hours outside the Division of Business and Information Technology. A grade of ‘C’ or better must be earned in each division course applied to the major or minor.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to value firms and judge financial policies through the analysis of financial and economic data.
  • Demonstrate the ability to do an analysis of a firm’s financial health.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of a bank’s financial models through the comprehensive analysis of financial data.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate deliverables orally and in writing.

Bloomberg Terminal

Friends University added Bloomberg terminal certification to its finance curriculum in January of 2021. Bloomberg technology is used by many financial leaders seeking to make nimble decisions using real-time data. Newly hired graduates are oftentimes trained in use of Bloomberg technology at the company’s expense. Through curricular integration, Friends University students can achieve Bloomberg certification with topics including economic indicators, currency, fixed assets, and equities. Business curriculum integrated with valuable certifications such as Bloomberg will deliver technically proficient employees with excellent soft skills to companies. This strategic use of certification-based experiential learning propels Friends University as a regional leader in business education.

In The News

Bloomberg Terminal offers Friends University students real-time learning experience

Friends University business students have the opportunity to experience the Bloomberg Terminal in the classroom to enhance their academic studies and give them a leg up as they pursue their career goals. The Bloomberg Terminal is the same platform used by the world’s leading banks, corporations and government agencies to view real-time global financial data, news feeds and messages.

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