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English majors are the foundation that build the future of business education, education, and entertainment.

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Program Highlights

Get Your Degree in English

According to Forbes “companies are four times more likely to say they’d hire and English major with a credential” over other fields of study.

Successful Careers

Here are some of the fields our graduates have entered: public relations, non-profit, education, publishing, law, business, journalism, library science, human resources, corporate communications, and technical writing.

Extracurricular Opportunities

At Friends University English majors can participate in English Club, Sigma Tau Delta (international English honor society), and The Mews (online writing magazine). All students have the opportunity to present original research or creative writing at national conferences such as Southwest Popular American Culture Association and Sigma Tau Delta International Conference.

Learn From Scholarly Faculty

With department scholars in J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Sandra Cisneros, Zora Neale Hurston, Shakespeare, digital humanities, gothic literature, film, young adult literature, and women’s literature, English at Friends gives you the opportunity to study both modern and classic writing.

Sigma Tau Delta Conference

Our very own professor Dr. Kassia Krone is the current High Plains Regent for Sigma Tau Delta. As such, the Sigma Tau Delta Conference will be held at Friends University in the Fall of 2024!

Grad School Work

Many of our graduates have gone on to graduate study for English, law, business, education, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, archival studies, library science, and other related fields.

Alumni Spotlight

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“I use my degree everyday with my freshmen and sophomores for English. In fact, as both navigate everything from poetry to graphic novels to articles to writing to Shakespeare, I still reference notes from my time at Friends and the great insights I got from class discussions.”

Abby Belt, ELA and Reality 101 teacher
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“English is used every single day, and it was what ultimately led me to getting the position at Roy Group. We use English when we write emails, create memos, and speak on the phone to clients. An English degree when spoken of and utilized correctly, is one of the most beneficial degrees when acquiring a profession. ”

Logan Earnst, Inside Agent at Roy Group
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“Studying English Literature in college equipped me with pivotal skills in public speaking, analytical perspectives, critical thinking, and narrative writing that I utilize daily in my role as an Executive Director at the nonprofit organization, Juniper Arts Academy.”

Lisa Paine, Executive Director at Juniper Arts Academy, Inc.
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“Being a teacher allows you to share your passion for language and literature while shaping young minds. It’s a rewarding opportunity to inspire students to communicate effectively and appreciate the power of words.”

Jack Leyden, 7th grade English Teacher

“Getting a degree in English Education at Friends University helped prepare me for being a teacher. I feel proficient and confident about my content area which helps my students learn and engage more within the classroom.”

Jordyn Buhler, High School English Teacher
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