A major in Art at Friends University allows students the opportunity to study art in a traditional manner or use new technologies in the creation of images. In a traditional approach, students can study painting, sculpture, ceramics or photography. By using state-of-the-art technology, students can choose to pursue a high-tech approach to visual communications.

The Art department at Friends University offers Bachelor’s degrees and/or concentrations in Art, Art Education, computer graphics, graphic design, studio art and Communications/Publications. Each degree and each area of concentration has specific requirements.

Portfolio Requirements
The Art department motto: A degree from Friends University will get you a job interview. Your portfolio will get you a job.

All Art and Communications/Publications majors and minors are required to keep a process portfolio of work from their classes. These portfolios must include examples of the range and quality of work they have done in all of their classes. As a central focus in their studies, a process portfolio will serve these functions:

  • To develop personal identity with and pride in their work
  • To provide the most effective critical tool to use in the development of their work
  • To demonstrate the progress in their studies and help them determine future directions in their studio work
  • To use as a vital instructional tool by presenting it to their instructors at the beginning of new courses so the instructors can most effectively direct instruction to students’ needs

Progress Portfolio: All of the work students retain as the best examples of the variety of things they have done in every class. This type of portfolio is a student's portfolio and represents the comprehensive development of an individual's art skills.

Class Portfolio: The best and most comprehensive examples of works done for a particular class.

Targeted Portfolio: Work from the progress (or later, professional) portfolio selected to meet a particular need.

Professional Portfolio: A selection of work from the personal portfolio targeted for use in professional career interviews. It is only the very best work from one area and represents the highest level of achievement.

Art Education students need to keep a progress portfolio like other art majors. The works in this portfolio will be used for assessment of their progress in the program, and, just as importantly, as personal resource materials for their teaching careers.

Senior Exhibit
Graduating seniors in Art, Art Education and Communications/Publications will be required to display their works in a senior exhibit, which is a gallery-style exhibition. The exhibition will be in December.

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