Professions for SpanishBachelor of Arts

Graduates in Spanish have a variety of career options in both the public and private sectors. Most professionals who deal with the public, such as teachers, law enforcement agents, and social service professionals, benefit from Spanish language knowledge, especially when serving in Spanish speaking communities. Additionally, multi-national corporations increasingly need employees with Spanish language skills to process documents and work as translators. Proficiency in more than one language is becoming an increasingly valuable skill and can greatly enhance occupational possibilities.

Representative job titles and areas of specialization:

  • Announcer
  • Anthropologist *
  • Audiologist
  • Author
  • Bilingual Teacher/Professor *
  • Buyer
  • Civil Service Worker
  • Customs Inspector
  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • Foreign News Correspondent
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Foreign Student Advisor
  • Health Administrator *
  • Historian
  • Hotel Manager
  • Immigration Inspector
  • Import/Export Clerk
  • International Relations
  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Librarian *
  • Linguist
  • Missionary
  • Special Agent – FBI *
  • Speech Pathologist *
  • Technical Writer
  • Tour Guide
  • Translator
  • Travel Agent

* Titles with an asterisk require additional education or training.

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