Educate the State

Kansas Colleges have formed a public-private partnership to make a secondary teacher education affordable and seamless.  We desire for students to maximize their credits and financial aid to launch quickly into the teaching profession to invest in the lives of our youth across Kansas.  

About the Program

The state of Kansas has a pressing need for K-12 teachers in our schools.  In a joint public-private partnership, we are changing the landscape for teachers to pursue a teaching a degree, earn their teaching license, and begin impacting students.  

The schools involved in the partnership: 

  • Butler Community College
  • Cowley College
  • Friends University
  • Newman University
  • Southwestern College

Transfer CreditKansas community colleges, private colleges adopt student transfer agreement. A student choosing to transfer from community colleges will maintain their credits and pathway to graduation. 


• Graduate of a participating Kansas Community College (Butler Community College or Cowley Community College with a degree in secondary education

• Apply with and maintain at least a 2.75 CGPA

• Attend a participating Kansas Independent College Associate school (Friends University, Newman University, or Southwestern College)

• Declare and maintain a major in secondary education

• The student must enroll full-time (12+ credit hours per semester) 


After graduating from the community college, students can complete their education degree from Friends University for $9,600 per academic year (fall and spring semesters).  

This comes to approximately a $22,000 scholarship. 

Additional funding: 

Students would still be eligible for: 

• Federal Pell Grant (if eligible based on FAFSA completion and submission to KICA institution)

• Kansas Comprehensive Grant, also referred to as KCG (if student qualifies based on need and availability of KCG funding from the state of Kansas)

• The student is eligible to apply for the Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship (through the Kansas Board of Regents, KBOR).  This funding is up to $5,536 per year for full-time enrolled students.

Friends University Programs Participating

The following undergraduate degree programs at Friends University are participating in the Educate the State program:


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