Adult Education- Adult Degree Programs for Continuing Education in Kansas

Fall Start Date
Aug. 24, 2015


Adult Undergraduate Degree Programs at Friends University

The College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS) offers a full range of important bachelor’s degrees targeted to the busy adult going back to college. This adult education learning includes liberal arts degrees such as Integrated Studies, specific niche degrees such as Accounting and cutting-edge degrees such as Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change.

Each adult degree program has been designed to create maximum student-to-faculty and student-to-student interaction. Each degree is taught in an accelerated eight-week-course format.

Our adult undergraduate degrees are taught by professors and scholar-professionals who have been chosen for their rigorous understanding of the theoretical foundation of their disciplines and their appreciation for real-world application. For the same reasons, students are encouraged to develop projects drawn from their own work and life experiences. They are taught how to integrate these experiences into their course work as early as possible in their courses.

Adult Degree Programs:

Success Coaches

The Academic Success Coach team at Friends University is here to assist you with the completion of your degree program and to build and develop skills you can apply to your personal, professional and academic lives! Visit the Success Coaches page to learn more about how the Academic Success Coach team can help you!

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