Graduate Degree Programs at Friends University - Earn Your Master's Degree

Fall Start Date
Aug. 24, 2015

The Friends difference for graduate students:

  • Immersive, practical experiences
  • Distinct, principled qualities that enhance your career personally and professionally
  • Networked, practitioner faculty who are scholars, executives and leaders in their fields and businesses
  • Global opportunities through local and national connections
  • Eight-week courses focused to ensure learning

Master's Programs:

It takes a unique individual to put forth the time and effort to earn a graduate degree, but if you are ready to take that step, Friends University can be a great fit for you. Our graduate programs will take you beyond the typical educational experience. Our regionally accredited, nationally and internationally recognized programs enable you to be a leader no matter where your career takes you. In sum, at Friends University we offer a unique experience and relevant education. 

A few highlights of recent changes in the Graduate School are worth reviewing.

Several graduate programs have been revised with keen, career opportunities built into the degree programs listed below. The Friends University difference is a focus on professional careers. Accredited master's programs in marriage and family therapy and education and candidacy for accreditation in business ensure nationally recognized programs. 

The MBA is approved to offer concentrations in accounting, management information systems, business law, and health care leadership. Additional concentrations in supply chain management and change management are being reviewed. The Global MBA includes international experiences and first-hand knowledge in global fluency.

Friends University business graduate degrees range from 30-36 semester hours. If you have a business degree or business experience, you may reduce your MBA or another business degree by six semester hours. Need additional credentials for your career? Additional concentrations can be included in your program of study to make certain you are thoughtfully prepared and credentialed for your career.  

The Master of Education in Teaching & Learning has an 18-hour core and 12 high quality, cutting-edge workshops as part of a customized degree program. The Marriage and Family Therapy program is fully accredited and selecting students for the next program start in August.

The tuition in the Graduate School will remain the same this upcoming year. Start your program as soon as you can and know there are no tuition increases coming next year. Many of our master's programs are offered on campus, online or in a combination of both formats.

Intrigued? Request information now about the graduate degree programs at Friends University or contact the Admissions Office at 316-295-5300 or

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