Religion & Philosophy

Have you ever considered the origin of life? Thought deeply about the issues of religion and politics in the Middle Ages? Have you sought to understand the complex passages of the Bible? You are a prime candidate for study within the area of Religion & Philosophy!

The Origin of University Study
The original universities began for the purpose of studying religion or theology. Since that time the study of religion has been at the heart of higher education around the globe. Here at Friends University, our approach is to provide undergraduate students with a variety of experiences while asking the important questions: Who are we? Why do we think like we do? How can we understand our current situation in light of our history?

Practical and Profitable
Study within the field of Religion & Philosophy sounds theoretical. However, our approach is highly practical. From courses that develop spiritual disciplines or introduce you to the contents of the Old and New Testaments, to those that ask ethical questions of right and wrong and our internship courses in youth ministry, we are geared to making the study of religion and philosophy applicable to your life today.

The Career
A degree in Religion & Philosophy will prepare you to succeed in graduate school studies for a professional degree from your denominational seminary or to pursue graduate study in other areas. Religion & Philosophy majors can also elect to have a concentration in Youth Ministry. The Youth Ministry curriculum will get you acquainted with various ministry settings and can prepare you for working in a church or youth-focused ministry even while you are in college.

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