Fire Safety

This information is posted in compliance with section 668.49 of Institutional Fire Safety Policies and Fire Statistics.

There were no fires on campus in the last three reporting years of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

All residence hall systems are monitored by a contracted monitoring company, and alarms are reported immediately to 911 and to campus security for response.

Green Residence Hall has a Simplex system, which includes a sprinkler system, smoke detectors in rooms and hallways, fire extinguishers every 75 feet in the hallways and one-hour fire-rated doors and walls.

Smith Apartments has a Johnson Controls system, which includes a sprinkler system, smoke detectors in rooms and hallways, fire extinguishers every 75 feet in the hallways and one-hour fire-rated doors and walls.

Falcon Glenn Apartments has a Johnson Control system, which includes a sprinkler system, smoke detectors in the rooms and fire extinguishers in the breezeways (one for each of four apartments). Doors and walls have at least a one-hour fire rating.

Friends Village has a Spectronics/Apex Technologies alarm system with smoke detectors in rooms and hallways and three fire extinguishers per floor as well as one in the laundry room and the basement. Doors and walls have at least a one-hour fire rating.

Falcon Flats has local alarm only with smoke detectors in each apartment and a fire extinguisher on the outside wall of each floor.

There are three unannounced drills conducted for each building every school year and once during the summer to practice Emergency Preparedness such as escape routes and evacuation plans. Laminated floor plans and evacuation routes are publicly posted on each floor of each residence hall.

Floor plans, evacuation routes, evacuation assembly locations, drill procedures and fire safety policies are reviewed by resident assistants at meetings in September and January.

Items NOT allowed in residence halls include: hot plates, toaster ovens, space heaters, appliances with open heating elements, candles, and incense or potpourri burners, fireworks, explosives or any highly volatile chemical materials, combustible decorations/items/fuels. All appliances and cords must be approved by Residence Life.

Friends University-owned houses have local smoke detectors.

Central Fire Equipment or other licensed contractors check and test fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers each year.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

All students will evacuate the buildings immediately in the event of a fire or alarm and shall comply with evacuation procedures.

In the event of a fire or if a student suspects a fire:

  • Activate the building alarm. (Pull the alarm on your way out of the building if the alarm horn is not already activated.)
  • Call Campus Security 316-295-5911. Give as much information as possible. Your first action should be to grab your room keys and proceed to the nearest exit. Be sure to alert any other occupants in the room or suite.
  • Evacuate from the building quickly and quietly. (If the hallway is clear of smoke, walk to the nearest fire exit and evacuate the building. Close your door behind you. Leave fire fighting to the professionals.)
  • Evacuation routes have been posted on the inside of each door in all residential facilities. Failure to comply with the fire procedure/regulations shall be subject to disciplinary actions.

If students encounter heat and/or pressure in the hallway, leave the room, carefully closing the door and proceed to the nearest exit/stairwell.

Always use the stairs to evacuate the building; never use the elevator during a fire or alarm.

If students encounter smoke, take short breaths through the nose and stay close to the floor; crawl, if possible.
Once outside the building, wait on the opposite side of the building until called by University officials.
Disabled persons who require assistance in evacuation should stay near their doors until assistance arrives. EvaU-Trac chairs are available for safe evacuation from the building.

Any fire must be reported to the director of Residence Life, or Residence Life staff assigned to that building.

Richard Vinroe, director of Security
Paul Winchester, director of Physical Plant

Fire Evacuation Locations

The following are the designated evacuation areas for each building in the case of a fire:

Adair-Austin Stadium

Move toward practice field.

Business & Technology Building

Move to the Science parking lot to the west. If circumstances allow, people can go to Fine Arts (but no closer).

Fry and Woolman Hall

Move south to Casado.


Main campus area north of University Street.

Davis Administration Building

Move toward Fine Arts or Casado. Do not gather on Rose Window Plaza, as it will be needed for firetruck access.

Falcon Flats

Move east to Green Hall.

Falcon Glenn Apartments

Move to Casado.

Fine Arts Building

Move south to Davis Hall, or north to BTB (but no closer).

Friends Village

Move west to Casado.

Garvey Physical Education Building/Garvey Art

Head east toward the practice field or football stadium.

Green Residence Hall

Move east to Casado, or north ot Davis Hall.


Move toward Fine Arts.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Main campus area north of University Street.

Science Building

Move south toward Davis Hall.

Smith Apartments

Move west to Casado.

Sumpter Hall

Move south to Casado