Inclement weather occasionally affects Friends University classes, campus events and on-campus residents. This ranges from winter weather situations where the University may need to close for several hours to several days to spring severe weather situations where those on campus may need to shelter temporarily until severe weather passes. Information about weather-related situations can be found in the following ways.

Falcon Alert

This is the fastest source of notification for weather alerts. Friends University offers text message and email alerts concerning weather closings or severe spring weather. All students, faculty and staff are automatically signed up for these alerts as long as the University has a current cellphone. Parents and other interested parties (Fine Arts patrons, etc.) can also sign up as well. Members of the Friends University community can learn more about Falcon Alert, including how to opt-in or opt-out of the system. Please note that Falcon Alert is used only to announce major campus closings or emergency-related campus situations.

Friends University Website

This source will provide the most amount of detail for weather closings that last for several hours or more. A notice about any weather-related class cancellations will be placed on the university’s home page. Messages will be posted about all affected university locations and classes, including Wichita and Kansas City. We encourage students, faculty, staff and others to check the homepage periodically for additional updates regarding events throughout the day.

Social Media

Friends University announces information about campus closings and other emergency-related campus situations through it social media pages. Here is a list of these resources for announcements and updates:

Local Television and Radio Stations

Participating local stations make announcements about all university weather closings and other school closings in the area. We recommend consulting TV stations before radio as some radio stations do not broadcast closing information. We also recommend consulting more than one station to confirm closings in case there is a delay at a station or a station has reported incorrect information. Stations may not share event cancellation information, so it’s best to check the website for updates about University events.

Severe Spring Weather

Severe spring weather can strike quickly at any time and affect those on campus, including daytime and evening students, event attendees and campus housing residents. Due to the quickly emerging nature of these storms, Falcon Alert will be used to notify students, faculty, staff and others on campus of an immediate severe weather threat. If you receive a notice regarding a tornado warning or similar severe weather warning, you should seek shelter immediately and remain in shelter until an “all-clear” message is sent. While there is no guaranteed safe place in the event of a tornado, seek shelter in the best area you can find (such as a basement, first floor hallway or interior room).

Emergency Shelters on Campus

Weather-Related Closings

In Wichita, administration typically makes the decision to cancel evening classes about 3 p.m. that day, and a decision to cancel daytime classes is usually made by 7 a.m. that morning.

Once a decision is made to cancel classes, all campus events are usually canceled as well. Any faculty or staff who wishes to continue an event should contact their vice president so a decision can be made about whether the event will continue. Television and radio stations may not broadcast specific event information, so to find out whether an event will continue check the Friends University website, call the main number for the location or call the main line of the department responsible for the event.

Typically, all university offices are closed once classes are canceled. Staff and faculty usually are not required to report to work during their regular business hours when classes are canceled. Employees who are already at work when classes are canceled typically receive an email from the President’s Office notifying them that they may go home. However, it is advised that faculty and staff check the website to confirm whether they are required to report to work or not.

Storm Shelters

The following are the designated areas in each building where you should seek storm shelter:

Adair-Austin Stadium

  • DO NOT STAY IN THIS BUILDING; go to the Garvey Physical Education Center Storm Shelter:
  • Areas west of the gym: the hallway, both locker rooms and storerooms
  • Restrooms on the ground floor
  • Interior racquetball court (last resort)

Business & Technology Building

  • Basement storage area (away from boilers, mechanical and electrical equipment)

CAPS/IT Building

  • Davis Administration Building: Hallway on the ground floor inside the fire doors


  • Lower level snack bar area
  • Center for Student Success(stay away from the atrium area)

Davis Administration Building

  • Hallway on the ground floor inside the fire doors

Falcon Flats

  • Basement storage area

Falcon Glenn Apartments

  • Designated storm shelter: inside laundry room

Fine Arts Building

  • Restrooms under the balcony seats
  • Basement under the stage
  • Interior dressing room east of the stage
  • The music library

Friends Village

  • Basement

Garvey Physical Education Building/Garvey Art

  • Areas west of the gym: the hallway, both locker rooms and storerooms
  • Restrooms on the ground floor
  • Interior racquetball court (as a last resort)

Green Residence Hall

  • Basement


  • Interior Corridors
  • Interior Offices (away from the atrium area)

Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Interior Corridors away from glass

Science Building

  • Restrooms on first floor and classroom 100

Smith Apartments

  • Basement


  • Basement storage area (away from boilers, mechanical and electrical equipment)