Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiations Graduate Certificate

The Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiations graduate certificate provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in a changing international business environment. You will develop strategies to capitalize on business opportunities around the world and will gain understanding of the importance of strengthening an organization’s competitive advantage in a global market.

The Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiations graduate certificate courses are intended for non-degree bound students desiring professional education to supplement their current education. Coursework can be transferred to a degree program should students elect to enroll in the Global MBA program.  The class is eight weeks and is offered concurrently with degree bound courses. Courses are offered as credit (three credit hours) or non-credit, and students are required to do work at a “B” or better level.

The fee for this certificate course is $540 and no financial aid will be offered. Class start dates will soon be released, so apply now!

Questions? Contact Graduate Workshops at or Professor Valentina Chappell at 316-295-5855 or

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