Why I love Friends!

Below is a collection of student and alumni testimonials that showcase the difference a Friends University education can make!

Undergraduate | Adult Undergraduate | Graduate

Daniel DeLonge, Computer Science and Information Systems

I am a big believer that we are our environment. Friends University provided a perfect environment with all of the necessities to promote growth and ensure success.

Daniel DeLonge, Computer Science and Information Systems

I feel that my education from Friends meets or exceeds the standards set by bigger universities. The small class sizes enabled professors to move at a comfortable pace and allowed me to learn in an environment where I could ask questions. The mentorships that I have found in the professors at Friends are what made my education truly memorable. These mentors have spent countless hours outside the classroom giving career advice, sharing their own experiences and preparing me for the real world.

Heather Yates, Accounting Graduate, 2014, Koch Industries Employee

Faculty made it a point to provide numerous opportunities for students to be successful outside of the classroom – via internships, volunteer opportunities and job offerings.

Kevin Diemer, Business Administration Graduate, 2014

I have to thank the good finance program of Friends University in which I gained a lot of skills and knowledge causing the German Federal Bank to offer me an internship and an amazing full time job after my graduation!

Pascal Wawrzinek, International Business and Finance Graduate, 2016

You’ll have unparalleled access to professors and critical thinking that I don’t think is prevalent at a larger institution.

Rodney Pitts, Business Administration

For me, Friends University has been the best investment I have made in my education. The personal growth I have seen in my time spent at Friends is astonishing. I have overcome challenges and obstacles that I would not have been able to if I had not attended Friends University. The community that surrounds this school is something I will never forget, and the relationships that have been built during my attendance here will last a lifetime.

Stacey Cox (transfer student), Bachelor of Science in Accounting