Why I love Friends!

Below is a collection of student and alumni testimonials that showcase the difference a Friends University education can make!

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Friends University Testimonial

I am glad that I took the leap to get my Master’s degree from Friends University. The assignments, discussions, and content I am learning pertains to the everyday classroom. My professors are knowledgeable and strive to meet the needs of the teachers they are educating. It is crazy to think I will have my Master’s degree in one year’s time. I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me!

Amber Navarro, USD 253
Friends University Testimonial

Friends University made me feel welcome from day one. Even though I was completing my classes online I feel like the teachers took their time to get to know me and really worked with me. The class sizes were smaller which made learning together ideal. I loved that I was able to choose the workshops that I wanted. I loved my experience and never had any problems. In fact I loved it so much that I convinced three other teachers from my school to join! They are so excited and cannot wait to get started!

Brandi Siebenaler, USD 253
Friends University Testimonial

One of my biggest frustrations is completing work that I don’t think I will ever need later in life – “busy work”. With this program, essentially everything was directly applicable, because the assignments were flexible enough to directly fit into my current teaching.

Brian Skinner, METL Graduate, USD 373 High School Special Ed Teacher
Friends University Testimonial

After visiting campus, I chose Friends University, because I wanted a program that was thorough, yet moved at a quick pace, and was not overwhelming. I soon realized the instructors are always available when needed, and they are first-rate. The program caters to busy teachers, and the course work is practical and applicable.

Don Luthi, METL Graduate, Special Education teacher USD 305
Friends University Testimonial

I absolutely think this was a good investment! The material I learned has already been put into place in my classroom with ease and the student reactions have been awesome. It also allowed me to achieve a goal that I have had for myself for a long time!

Lori Moshier, METL Graduate, Instructor
Friends University Testimonial

Friends University has been the “gift that keeps on giving.” I continue to be impressed by the variety shown in the teacher workshop offerings. They are timely and critical to strengthening the level of expertise in my teaching craft. Based on these workshops and the summer graduate class offerings, I am able to return to my school in the fall with impactful lessons, technology strategies to enhance my instruction and leadership ideas for my team.

Ramona Kee-Adams, Master of Education in Teaching & Learning Graduate