Why I love Friends!

Below is a collection of student and alumni testimonials that showcase the difference a Friends University education can make!

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The MSFT program at Friends is student-focused, it is professionally relevant, it is well-respected and it is a family.

Erin Cavanaugh, Family Therapy

I would like to say that I was very pleased with the process and the completed product(s). The students were professional, attentive, quick to correct any problems or concerns. We are using or developing use of each of the products developed by the students. I would recommend the program to other non-profit companies and encourage that they take advantage of the opportunity. Thank you for all your assistance. Harold

Feedback from CEO of SACK, Harold Casey

I feel that my education from Friends meets or exceeds the standards set by bigger universities. The small class sizes enabled professors to move at a comfortable pace and allowed me to learn in an environment where I could ask questions. The mentorships that I have found in the professors at Friends are what made my education truly memorable. These mentors have spent countless hours outside the classroom giving career advice, sharing their own experiences and preparing me for the real world.

Heather Yates, Accounting Graduate, 2014, Koch Industries Employee

You have the opportunity to be so much more than a teacher. For instance, I’m often a stand-in mother, a nurse, a disciplinarian, a counselor, a clown, a librarian, a referee and a coach.

Jennifer Englemann, English Education, Kindergarten Teacher.
Jennifer White, Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change student

For me at the heart of leadership is service. I don’t think you can lead without a heart for service. That theme runs through a lot of the leadership instruction that we have had at Friends. It starts with how do I serve other people and when you come at it from that angle; your motivation to lead is different.

Jennifer White, Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change student

Getting my MBA was a great investment in my future. An amazing opportunity to get a quality education while balancing the demands of working and raising a family.

Jenny Niblock, MBA Graduate, 2017
Josh Erickson, MBA

My favorite thing about the MBA program is how flexible all the faculty have been with my work schedule.

Josh Erickson, MBA
Josiah Brown, Christian Spiritual Formation Graduate, 2017

I am thankful for the CSF program for giving me good and beautiful images of God, enabling me to live more fully into my vocation, providing opportunities to serve and ultimately teaching me how to love God and my neighbor with more of my heart, soul, mind and strength.

Josiah Brown, Christian Spiritual Formation Graduate, 2017
Katrina Dunn, Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change

The OLTC program offered the opportunity I was looking for to develop and grow, as well as challenge myself to improve so that I can have a bigger impact in my workplace.

Katrina Dunn, Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change

Faculty made it a point to provide numerous opportunities for students to be successful outside of the classroom – via internships, volunteer opportunities and job offerings.

Kevin Diemer, Business Administration Graduate, 2014

You learn to look beyond what you see in front of you. You learn to draw conclusions based on what you have and to continue to search for answers. While attending Friends University, I especially enjoyed the lab work, which was usually outdoors and off campus and allowed me to get my hands dirty.

Lindsay Bryant, Biology Student

I absolutely think this was a good investment! The material I learned has already been put into place in my classroom with ease and the student reactions have been awesome. It also allowed me to achieve a goal that I have had for myself for a long time!

Lori Moshier, METL Graduate, Instructor
Madeleine Roe, Ballet

The Friends Ballet program is fostering my growth as an artist while propelling me toward my dreams.

Madeleine Roe, Ballet

And, now that I have worked in higher education, I believe Friends University employs well-respected scholars and attracts some of the best students around.

Matt Skillen, English

It was amazing. I got to work with a number of zoos in South Africa. I had the privilege of learning how African zoos are operated. I got to learn from them as well as share my knowledge of zoos and animal husbandry that I learned from my experiences in U.S. zoos and at Friends University.

Michael Clifford, Zoo Science Graduate
Mitch McClay

My best college memories were the camaraderie of being a fellow science student and winning our first conference golf title.

Mitch McClay

From studying abroad to making tamales in community centers, the Spanish program at Friends University provided me with some wonderful opportunities that have broadened my perspective, nurtured my curiosity, and have given me a confidence to step into something that is bigger than myself.

Nathan Nonhof, Spanish

Not only does the Master’s in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership program take seriously our dire need for deeper discipleship practices, as a bi-vocational pastor, I can also attest that it delivers high-level instruction combined with exceptional value and a realistic pace that can fit even into a busy schedule. This was the program I was waiting for.

Neal Whitlow, Current CSFL Student

Friends University encouraged me to explore gaps of service in the healthcare sector and prepared me with the skills to help lead change. Due to my research at Friends, Via Christi Health has implemented our nation’s first human trafficking education program and protocol for healthcare professionals.

Nicole Ensminger, Health Care Leadership Graduate 2014

I have to thank the good finance program of Friends University in which I gained a lot of skills and knowledge causing the German Federal Bank to offer me an internship and an amazing full time job after my graduation!

Pascal Wawrzinek, International Business and Finance Graduate, 2016