Why I love Friends!

Below is a collection of student and alumni testimonials that showcase the difference a Friends University education can make!

Undergraduate | Adult Undergraduate | Graduate

AJ Cossell, Christian Spiritual Formation Graduate, 2017

My primary major may determine what I do, but the CSF program will continue to develop how I do it and the kind of person I become.

AJ Cossell, Christian Spiritual Formation Graduate, 2017

After graduation, I did get the chance to move into the HR manager role at the Newton Medical Center from 2013 – 2017. Fortunately, that career growth and experience led me to my new position with Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital in August 2017 as the new HR Manager of a great organization in Wichita.

Angela Anderson, Human Resource Management, Graduate, 2012

I think the positive Christian environment and role models at Friends University make for a great educational experience and exhibit a family and caring atmosphere that have helped me throughout my career.

Ardith Rooney Dunn, Health and Physical Education, Math Major
Barb Shaw, Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership

What really impressed and surprised me is what the program taught me about community and how we go about growing in community – it’s Jesus’ idea for the way we should live.

Barb Shaw, Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership
Brent Merz, Accounting

Completing my degree has always been a goal of mine and is the one thing in my life that I started but never finished. Thank goodness for Friends University in southwest Kansas!

Brent Merz, Accounting

One of my biggest frustrations is completing work that I don’t think I will ever need later in life – “busy work”. With this program, essentially everything was directly applicable, because the assignments were flexible enough to directly fit into my current teaching.

Brian Skinner, METL Graduate, USD 373 High School Special Ed Teacher

The MBA program is incredibly manageable. I have a family, a demanding job, a home to take care of, friends to keep up with etc. and my program didn’t place strain on any of those; it wasn’t easy, but definitely manageable.

Bronna (Nikki) Davis, MBA Graduate, 2017
Byron McSwain, Business Management

I’m not surprised that Friends University is called one of the best colleges in the nation for adult learners. It’s a great university surrounded with good people who really want you to get to your final goals. Whatever you want to achieve in life, they’ll help you get there.

Byron McSwain, Business Management
Charles Webb, Business Management

Friends University is a close knit school that will look for ways to assist anyone with a desire to achieve their dream of a higher education like me.

Charles Webb, Business Management

When I became interested in Christian Studies the faculty of the religion department were welcoming and warm. They taught not only about what the word of God says but more importantly how to live a Christ filled life…. The skills I mastered at Friends go far beyond what I could write in this short statement but it’s safe to say were it not for Friends University and most importantly the people at Friends University I would certainly not be a physician here in Wichita.

Chris Cassidy, Emergency Physician at Wesley Medical Center

As an Eagle Scout, I learned to give back. So becoming a student at Friends became an opportunity for me to not only become better educated, but also to lead others in the community as I have been so blessed to receive.

Chris Tice, Psychology

Friends University is a place where a person can gain an understanding of people from different backgrounds, and I felt that was important for my studies and to help me grow as a person.

Cristina Segundo, Spanish Education Major
Damon Young, Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change graduate

My definition of leadership would be motivating other people to do really hard things, while remaining joyful. I think that the joy piece to me, as I’ve grown in leadership, is the most important part. So, to me Leadership is being a joyful person that people want to follow and do difficult work.

Damon Young, Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change graduate
Daniel DeLonge, Computer Science and Information Systems

I am a big believer that we are our environment. Friends University provided a perfect environment with all of the necessities to promote growth and ensure success.

Daniel DeLonge, Computer Science and Information Systems

Professor Pendleton’s sheer passion for her career shone through each and every day. Her passion combined with a wealth of intellectual knowledge in the field of Accounting led me to undertake a second degree into the subject. I speak with people across the city each week that continuously sing her praises.

Daniel Littler, Accounting graduate

I teach kids important life and academic lessons, and I’m lucky that I’m able to do that through music.

Danny Darrington, Music Educator

After visiting campus, I chose Friends University, because I wanted a program that was thorough, yet moved at a quick pace, and was not overwhelming. I soon realized the instructors are always available when needed, and they are first-rate. The program caters to busy teachers, and the course work is practical and applicable.

Don Luthi, METL Graduate, Special Education teacher USD 305

I wanted to study under instructors who cared about my artistic and intellectual development, and I felt I had found that at Friends.

Dustin Parker, Graphic Designer

While at Friends University, I participated in a major research project, where I synthesized chloroquine, the drug most commonly used to treat malaria. I also have great memories of winning the homecoming float contest and performing with the drama club. I even met the woman I would marry and proposed to her on campus.

Eric Whetmore, Chemistry

The MSFT program at Friends is student-focused, it is professionally relevant, it is well-respected and it is a family.

Erin Cavanaugh, Family Therapy