English Language Arts Academic Plan

This 4-year plan will help guide you through your pathway to profession with your English Language Arts Education major. It is a sampling of the route you can take to your degree. (The contents of this 4-year plan are subject to modifications.)

Freshman Fall
EDUC 110 Intro to Teaching 3
COMP 201Writing 1: Written Communications General Education3
GNST 110Friends Experience 1: Intellectual & Practical Skills General Education1
MATH 111College Algebra: Quantitative Literacy General Education 3
FINC 140 Personal Finance: Business General Education3
FINA 113Aesthetics Experience: Drama: Arts General Education 3
Freshman Spring
GNST 111Friends Experience 2: Intellectual & Practical Skills General Education1
COMP 202Writing 2: Written Communications General Education3
EDUC 251Psychology Applied to Teaching 3
REL 101Faith at Friends: Integrated Learning and Creativity General Education3
NATS 120Biology: Natural Science General Education 4
SPCH 100Intro to Speech: Oral Communications General Education3
Sophomore Fall
EDUC 299Cornerstone Course for Teacher Education 2
ENGL 215Intro to Literature: Humanities General Education3
ENGL 322U.S. Women's History: Culture & Diversity General Education3
PHIL 180Intro to Ethics: Personal & Social Responsibility General Education3
ENGL 221 American Literature 13
ENGL 470Special Topics in English 3
Sophomore Spring
EDUC 414Special Methods for Secondary Teachers: English/Language Arts3
EDUC 325Reading in the Secondary School 2
REL 221 Varieties of Religious Experience: World Religions & Christianity General Education 3
ENGL 222 American Literature 23
ENGL 411Shakespeare3
ENGL 360Creative Writing 3
Junior Fall
EDUC 410Methods for Secondary Teachers3
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish 1: Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirement4
ENGL 211British Literature 13
ENGL 422Major Novels 3
REL 125Survey of the Bible: World Religions & Christianity 2 General Education3
Junior Spring
EDUC 336Classroom Assessment 3
SPAN 102Beginning Spanish 2: Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirement4
ENGL 212British Literature 23
ENGL 460Literary Interpretation 3
ENGL 340The Story of English3
Senior Fall
EDUC 310Exceptional Child 2
EDUC 311Practicum for Special Population1
EDUC 335Education Technology in the Classroom3
EDUC 320Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 2
EDUC 321Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Practicum 1
HIST 210World Civilizations 1: Social Science& History General Education 3
ENGL 490English Language Arts Education Capstone Seminar1
ENGL 330Grammar in the Context of Writing3
Senior Spring
EDUC 490 Senior Practicum1
EDUC 495 Secondary School Student Teaching9
EDUC 499Capstone in Teacher Education2
Total Credit Hours:127
Credit hours required to graduate:124