Traditional Undergraduate: Once you’re admitted

Once you are admitted; get cleared for flight!

What does that mean to be cleared for flight? On your Friends FalconHub portal, you’ll find the five steps needed to successfully start your first semester. We call these five steps “Falcon Flight.” Make sure your Falcon Flight items are completed so you can take flight like a proper Falcon. 

1. Financial Aid          

2. Fully Admitted        

3. Enrolled Full-Time

4. Housing and Meal Plan

5. Student Payment Agreement

Completing all of these steps is vital to your success. So vital that you are unable to attend Friends unless all of these steps have been completed.  

Log in to FalconHub to view your personalized dashboard on the Student Tab. Each box has information on how to “take action now.” Once you’ve finished the action, that box reflects a green bar that says “completed.” 

Once all five of these boxes are green, you are ready to take to the skies and begin classes at Friends!