Enrollment Day

Enrollment Days are designed for all new freshman and transfer students in the College of Business, Arts, Sciences and Education (CBASE) who have made the decision to attend Friends University. All new degree-seeking students are required to attend an enrollment day. Friends University offers both in-person and virtual options for Enrollment Days. Out-of-state students receive priority for Virtual Enrollment Days. 

Students entering Summer or Fall 2024

Please RSVP to the Enrollment Day of your choosing using the link below. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending any of our regularly scheduled enrollment days, please contact your admissions counselor. If you’re not sure who your admissions counselor is, you can call the Admissions Office at 316-295-5100.

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Placement Testing Requirements

Placement testing is offered at Friends University to assess students’ current skillset and college readiness in the subjects of English and math. We want to ensure that students take courses that they can succeed in, which is why our placement tests determine specific English and Math courses that students may enroll in.

You may be asked to participate in placement testing prior to your enrollment. Please visit the placement testing section on this page for more information.