Global MBA outstanding part-time faculty – on campus and online

Global MBARay Garvey is first from right. This is the most diverse group of the International Marketing class. In the picture, you can see students from Nigeria, Spain, Jordan, China, Venezuela, Poland, different cities in Kansas and Chicago. International immersion is right here, in Wichita!

Ray Garvey teaches International Marketing on campus and online
Ray Garvey works as the export manager for a local company with a long history of international sales. Wichita has key entities dedicated to developing leadership in the international business community. The Friends University Global MBA program, Kansas Global Trade Services and the World Trade Council of Wichita are organizations Garvey is proud to be a part of. His appointment in 2018 to the Mid-America District Export Council will expand his horizons further. Students enrolled in his International Marketing course are clearly ahead of the pack in terms of interest and exposure to international business concepts. Most of the students have some professional working experience already, and the cultural diversity in the classroom gives students exposure to problem-solving from multiple perspectives. This practical experience will serve them well. Companies that export or would like to export should look to Friends’ Global MBA graduates to develop their international markets. To view Garvey’s LinkedIn profile, click here.

Tim ShanfeltTim Shanfelt teaches Global Strategy

For the last 20 years, Tim Shanfelt has worked in technology leadership roles throughout Koch Industries and has been an adjunct professor at Friends University for the last 11. Shanfelt currently teaches Global Finance and Technology Leadership classes spanning multiple programs and has a deep passion for teaching. Shanfelt is dedicated to simplifying complex topics and helping students understand and relate those topics to real-life. He is a strong advocate of technology use in the classroom, using video and related enablers to enhance the student experience and serve remote students that may not otherwise be able to attend. Shanfelt earned his bachelor’s degree in C.I.S. from Friends University in 2001 and his M.M.I.S. degree from Friends University in 2005. He received the Jan LaFever Award for Adjunct Teaching in 2016.

Larry StraubDr. Larry Straub teaches Global Strategy


Doctor of Management, Case Western Reserve University, 2014
Owner President Management Program – Harvard Business School, 2010
Executive M.B.A., Friends University, 1995
Master of Science, Fort Hays State University, 1990
B.G.S., Fort Hays State University, 1988

General Background:

Larry Straub has been an Adjunct Professor of Business at several universities, including Friends University, Kansas Wesleyan University and Wichita State University. He has taught several subjects including the entrepreneurial management, strategic management, operations management, marketing and business law. In addition to teaching, Larry has been a long time (30 + year) business executive and CEO with his family company; he has served as CEO for 21 years and CFO for 5 years previous to that.

Dr. Straub received his Doctor of Management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, his doctoral dissertation and research track studies the effects of convulsive economic and business cycles on career pathways. His research was accepted for presentation at the Academy of Management Conference in Philadelphia, PA in 2014.

Research Specialization: economic uncertainty in convulsive business cycles as well as family business generational transitions.