General Education Goal 8: Religion

General Education Goal 8: Religion

Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the role of Christian faith in contemporary society.

CBASE: 6 Credit Hours Required
CAPS: 3 Credit Hours Required (REL 215)

Learning Outcome 8-A (O8-A): Demonstrate critical, informed and creative theological inquiry that deepens their understanding of the transcendent and the human condition. Reasoning displays critical comprehension and reliance upon the logic, parameters, and significance of Christian belief, with unusual insight.

Learning Outcome 8-B (O8-B): Describe the evolution of their vocational quest for personal and professional purpose.* Work displays evidence of mature Christian commitment (e.g., personal faith, Christian community, inquisitiveness, spiritual disciplines, compassion and other virtues, robust missional or public engagement, etc.).

Learning Outcome 8-C (O8-C): Ability to articulate if and how faith and reason inform their understanding of God (could be Bible course specific). Addresses a range of interpretive concerns (genre, literary and historical contexts, audiences, presuppositions, relevant critical methodologies, etc.) aptly, skillfully, critically, and fruitfully.